FD-CPR: Step by Step

FD-CPR is best performed with four rescuers: Rescuer 1 Rescuer 2 Rescuer 3 Rescuer 4. If you are short on manpower, these steps can be accomplished by two or three rescuers. If only two rescuers are available, then chest compressions should be delayed until the firefighter is removed from their gear.


Rescuer 1 Drag the downed firefighter to a safe location to initiate care. Drag the firefighter from behind, dropping to the ground and positioning the SCBA bottle between your legs.


Rescuer 2 Pop open the chest clip of the SCBA, if applicable, and initiate high quality compressions thru the turnout gear jacket.


Rescuer 1 If the SCBA mask is still in place, open the SCBA bypass valve. This step can also be performed by Rescuer 2 before beginning CPR.


Rescuer 1 Remove their helmet, mask, and hood.


Rescuer 3 Start to unbuckle the turnout gear jacket from the bottom up.


Rescuer 1 Rescuer 3 Loosen shoulder straps of the SCBA and position the arms of the downed firefighter above his/her head.


Rescuer 1 Rescuer 3 Work the zipper (or buckles) of the turnout gear jacket open. Do not interfere with chest compressions.


Rescuer 1 Grasp the turnout gear jacket and SCBA shoulder straps of the downed firefighter firmly. Prepare for the "pull down."


Rescuer 3 Rescuer 4 Pull the downed firefighter toward his/her feet and out of their turnout gear jacket and SCBA.

FD-CPR Step 10: Comprehensive resuscitation bundle

All Rescuers Begin a comprehensive resuscitation bundle focusing on minimally interrupted chest compressions.